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What is La French Tech?

La French Tech Australia is a non profit organisation gathering French entrepreneurs and foreigners working in Australia in the tech industry. La French Tech provides a focal point for the French entrepreneurial ecosystem in Australia to boost the development of French start-ups seeking to establish a presence down under and make France more attractive to local entrepreneurs and investors. La French Tech encompasses all start-ups, i.e. all growth companies that share a global ambition, at every stage in their development, from embryonic firms to growing start-ups with several hundred employees and their sights set on the international market. As is the case all over the world, digital technology is a major catalyst for its development, and French Tech represents both digital pure players and medtech, biotech, cleantech, etc. start-ups.

Our mission is to:
  • Facilitate introductions between entrepreneurs/corporates based in Australia and French entrepreneurs willing to expand their business in Australia.
  • Provide visibility to startups founded by French / francophone / francophile entrepreneurs who are operating in Australia.
  • Reference public and private initiatives and organisations who support French startups expanding in Australia.
  • Be the entry point for Australian investors, companies, engineers willing to explore new opportunities in France.

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