Cybersecurity : from Hollywood fantasy to business reality

14 August – Cybersecurity: From Hollywood fantasy to business reality

Cybersecurity risk has been universally acknowledged as one of the key issues facing businesses and corporations of all sizes, with annual global spend on cyber-security products and services extending into the tens of billions and continuing on an upward trajectory.

The French-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry invites you to join us for an in-depth presentation by an esteemed panel that will address cybersecurity trends and challenges from legal, consulting, technological, defence and financial perspectives.

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Legal aspects: from dataprotection to cybersecurity

Christelle Santelli

Principal, Innovo Legal

Anonymous? Really? As a business, do you anonymise all data collected from individuals? As an individual, is “staying off the grid” the way forward? The EU data protection regulation (GDPR) and the Australian Privacy laws are pushing for a shift in the balance between businesses and individuals when it comes to data… Read more

Financial aspects: from growing equity to realizing value

Pierre Briand

Managing Director, Equiteq Australia & New Zealand

Wall street time? Cybersecurity is a hot topic with risks and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors: Is greed good? Bubble or not bubble?… Read more

Implementation aspects: from strategy to implementation
Richard WatsonLead Partner APAC Cyber Security Risk Management, EY

Livre free or die hard? All firms are becoming digital, what are the new business risks they are facing in this fast moving environment and how to address them?… Read more
Technological aspects: from theory to practice


Jeremy Hulse

General Manager Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity (CIC), Thales Australia

Enemy of the state? Protecting against future threats: How to address with the technology the cybersecurity issues? A few example of projects and solutions in Australia and on global projects…. Read more


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Tuesday 14 August

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