Record fundraising for La French Tech in 2018!

With more than 3.6 billion euros raised in 2018, French Tech startups keep growing and seem unstoppable! Compared to the previous year, this amount represents an increase of 41%.

There are some major fundraising such as Blablacar (101 million) and Deezer (160 million), but Voodoo holds the impressive record of 169 million raised. The average amount being of 5,6 million for 645 operations, we can see a preference of investors to choose some mature projects rather than beginnings. Fundraisings between 20 and 50 are the one who increased the most.

In comparison, Germany is doing well too with 4.4 billion and an increase of 39%, while the United Kingdom is losing speed. It is still the largest amount with 7.4 billion, but with an increase of 6% only.


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