La French Tech Australia

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In Episode 4, Thibault and Alexandre welcome the founder of Early Match.


With Ewan Le Bourhis, they take a look at one of the most long-standing industries in Australia: the #realestate market.


Early Match is the story of a matchmaking platform between buyers and sellers, now skipping the middle-man, that usually plays a key role in this agent-centric industry.

La French Tech Australia - podcast 3

Jacques Lépron is a French entrepreneur who has managed to take the leap to entrepreneurship several times. Jacques shares his experience and his toolkit to overcome the various obstacles that stand in the way of wannabe entrepreneurs. 

La French Tech Australia - podcast 2

Today’s guest, Elise Perpetua, is part of this wave of young social entrepreneurs that have put social issues at the core of their mission.  In 2018, she launched The Good Good, a sustainable and organic tea brand.

La French Tech Australia - podcast

In this episode, Thib and Alex welcome the 2 women that have taken over the helm of La French Tech Australia, Marion Vigot and Nathalie Taquet.

Revolution Digitale - podcast

Marion Vigot et Nathalie Taquet Fondatrices de Mister Rye et Bottli/eBottli. En cette période un peu spéciale où les échanges virtuels sont plus que jamais de mise, nous avons eu envie de vous faire voyager.

Startup/Angels - Podcast

Listen to our female speakers Cheryl Mack from Stone&Chalk, Nathalie Taquet from Bottli & e-Bottli, Kim Teo from Mr Yum and Hannah Yan Field from Tempus Partners.