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Cicada x DeepTech (31/10/23)

 and Cicada Innovations, two of the leading supporters of Australian innovation, invite you to an evening to connect with peers and glimpse into the future through the lens of deep tech.

They’ll team up for the first time to bring the 2 communities together. They want to create a space for you to engage with other deep tech innovators, exchange new ideas, connect with old and new friends, and hear from one deep tech founder revolutionising the healthcare system with the use of AI.

The evening will take off with a welcome address by Cicada Innovations’ Director of Communications and Communications Development, Sian Priest. We will then hear from Dr Megan SebbenCSIRO Kick-Start Program Manager, on the program’s recent eligibility expansion, before she is joined in conversation with Khoa Le, CEO and co-founder of Eyes of AI.

Eyes of AI is the world’s premier Cloud-Based AI-assisted segmentation and pathology detection software, and Khoa will share his vision for the company and take us through their inspiring journey.

Don’t miss out on this evening where deep tech, innovation, and networking converge! We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Meet the speakers

Khoa Le – CEO and co-founder of Eyes of AI

Khoa Le is a seasoned Machine Learning Specialist, with over two decades of experience in quantitative analysis, advanced computational analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). Backed by a solid academic background, Khoa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Studies and Commerce, as well as a Master’s in Finance from the prestigious Australian National University, supplementing his proficiency in complex AI and ML algorithm development. Since embarking on his journey in 2007, Khoa has excelled in developing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms tailored for sectors like finance and healthcare. As the CEO and co-founder of Eyes of AI, Khoa’s remarkable contributions focus on enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of computer vision systems for X-ray analysis. His expertise has revolutionised the healthcare industry, enabling more precise and timely diagnostics through AI-driven imaging solutions.

Dr Megan Sebben – CSIRO Kick-Start Program Manager, CSIRO 

Megan is a small business advocate and is deeply connected to Australia’s start-up and innovation ecosystem. She is a regular speaker and panellist on topics such as support for start-ups and small businesses, the power of collaboration, and industry-research relationships for growth. She is also a co-host and commentator on Channel 10’s ‘Australia By Design: Innovations’ series. Since joining SME Connect, Megan has supported a variety of Australian start-ups to access dollar-matched funding and facilitation to undertake projects with CSIRO. Part of her role is matching or referring businesses to CSIRO’s research expertise and facilities to help grow and boost their business. Megan holds a PhD in Groundwater Hydrology and has extensive experience in environmental research and consulting. She volunteers in CSIRO’s STEM Professionals in Schools team, encouraging and empowering the next generation of STEM talent.

Meet the organisers


As Australia’s national science agency and innovation catalyst, CSIRO solves the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology. We work with organisations large and small, delivering world-leading research and development solutions to help their business innovate, improve and grow. With 5,000 experts, state-of-the-art facilities, and a global collaborative research network we bring together the best and brightest minds to drive strategic growth and overcome unique business challenges like no other. Driven to create and facilitate societal, environmental and economic impact, we work with organisations across all major sectors and at all stages of the innovation lifecycle from strategic advice and planning, research and development, through to commercialisation and funding. CSIRO. Unlocking a better future for everyone.

About Cicada Innovations

Cicada Innovations is the home of deep tech in Australia. The Sydney-based incubator with a twenty-one year track record of developing deep tech ventures tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems. Working at the forefront of innovation, it supports ventures seeking to create life-changing technology – applying cutting-edge science such as advanced materials, synthetic biology and AI to challenges like the future of human health, food security and the climate crisis.
Since its inception, Cicada has seen an unprecedented $1.3 billion in exits from six deep tech ventures in the last two decades and helped over 330 companies raise more than $1.7 billion in funding. It has twice been awarded ‘Top Incubator in the World’ by InBIA and delivered commercialisation training to thousands working in science & technology.


Oct 31 2023


17:30 - 19:30

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Cicada Innovations HQ
145/4 Cornwallis St, Eveleigh NSW 2015
Cicada Innovations


Cicada Innovations

Cicada Innovations (Tech incubator) supports the most ambitious deep-tech ventures focused on the world’s most pressing problems and promising opportunities.

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