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TechTalk #16: Leveraging AI to Supercharge Your Startup’s Goals (31/08/23)

Join us at Fishburners Sydney office for TechTalk #16: Leveraging AI to Supercharge Your Startup’s Goals.

About the Session

Are you a startup founder looking to leverage the power of AI to supercharge your goals? Join our midday workshop for practical insights and hands-on guidance on how to harness AI to transform your startup’s growth trajectory. We’re bringing in AI experts to support founders to utilise AI, primarily in three areas:

  • Optimising marketing efforts – learn how to optimise customer segmentation, increase conversion rates, and ultimately maximise ROI through AI-driven tactics
  • Streamlining content creation – discover how you can use AI to generate content for your business needs, save time, and improve engagement
  • Leveraging data analytics – Understand precautions around data use, and how to use AI-driven data analytics to uncover valuable customer insights and trends, enabling you to identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions

After hearing from experts in the space, you’ll break off into small groups where you’ll put some of the insights you just heard to the test, applying your learnings then and there with the support of facilitators and Fishburners community members.

We’ll be joined by:

Leola Small | Founder & MD @ Small Mktg
Cat McGinn | Head of Curated & Commercial Content @ Unmade
Chris Brinkworth | Managing Partner @ Civic Data

Moderated by Vijay Solanki | VP of Brand & Comms @ Sinorbis, Former Marketing Director @ Shazam, Startup Coach/Mentor 

*As this is an interactive workshop, there are limited spots available.  

** If you are tuning in online, please note that you will not be able to participate in the interactive part of the workshop between 12:05 – 1:00pm.

About Fishburners Tech Talks

As the Australian startup ecosystem evolves, a vital part of our mission at Fishburners is to give access to a broad range of resources and insights that support entrepreneurs in building commercially viable ventures. 

TechTalks aims to provide thoughtful, interactive panels and workshops delivered by industry experts, focused on filling capability and knowledge gaps to supercharge the founders and operators in our community. 

From demystifying tech to capital raising, to team building, we’ve listened to founders share their biggest challenges and have sought out the best and brightest to share their insights. 


Aug 31 2023


11:30 - 13:00

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Sydney Startup hub
level 1, 11 York St, Sydney



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