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NSW – Webinar | CyberTech in the Health Sector (6/10/21)

The French-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry is pleased to present this New Technology Industry Series. 

The digital transformation of healthcare over recent years, boosted by COVID-19, has opened the door to a myriad of cybersecurity-related issues. Patient privacy and health records are lucrative data that have made the Health Sector susceptible to a growing number of cyber-attacks.

This New Technology Industry Series will address the challenges and trends of cybersecurity in the Health sector and how to protect this vulnerable industry.

We are thrilled to welcome on this occasion, our special guest Michelle Price, CEO at AustCyber.\

Join us along with 4 leading industry experts:

Our 4 panellists will discuss a selection of topics including the role of Cyber Culture and awareness in protecting healthcare organisations, the impact of the IT/OT convergence, and the risks in Australia in comparison to the rest of the world.

They will also give advice regarding how healthcare organisations can better protect themselves against cyber threats.

This event will be hosted virtually via Zoom.


Oct 06 2021


09:00 - 11:00