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Startup&Angels – From Setback to Comeback (03/08/23)

Startup&Angels |Startup Pitch & Investors Panel Edition #24 | Sydney | Thursday 3rd August 2023 | from 5:00PM

Investors & Experts Panel: 

James Frank – Frank Law + Advisory 

Kieran O’Neill – Tidal Ventures

Zeinab Alliji – Angel Investor 

Klaus Bartosch – Dreamoro Ventures 

Startups Pitching: 

Daniel Wasilewsky –

Chris Matthews – Marqoola

Bethany Lovell & Kshitija Deshmukh – FOBOH

Supun Bhagya – Imersian

and more to come…

With a mission to support ambitious and driven startups and scaleups, Startup&Angels is hosting an exciting From Setback to Comeback event in Sydney on Thursday, the 3rd of August 2023. The event endeavours to provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their business models to a live audience as well as give them a chance to expand their business by connecting with game-changers in the startup community.

There will also be scale-up success stories and live panel discussions with industry experts and investors which will help founders gain invaluable insight. From Setback to Comeback which will be held in the month of August 2023 is open to all startups and scaleups in Sydney. You will also be able not only to connect founders with investors, and experts but also to hear from different key players and disruptors in the fast-growing industry. This event’s theme revolves around “Transforming Failure into Success” offering attendees valuable strategies and insights on bouncing back from failure, adapting their approach, and achieving remarkable comebacks.

Organised by Startup&Angels, this Sydney Edition 24: Startups Pitch & Experts Panel is a unique opportunity for attendees to:
Network with Australian investors, founders, or startup solution providers to optimize your growth
– Interact with innovative founders and discover the next generation of movers and shakers
– Find your next business partner, friend, mentor, or investor.

Panel Theme: From Setback to Comeback: Transforming Failure into Success

Building a business is a challenging journey, characterised by ups and downs. Yet, the paramount aspect is consistently striving to level up and progress. During challenging times, it can be difficult to regain motivation, generate new ideas, and secure the necessary funding to rise once more.In this Panel Discussion, we will see how failures can act as catalysts for growth and success.

It will gather seasoned entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and industry experts who have experienced setbacks firsthand and emerged stronger than ever. Attendees will gain valuable strategies and insights on bouncing back from failure, adapting their approach, and achieving remarkable comebacks. It is an opportunity to learn from those who have turned adversity into triumph and to discover how setbacks can serve as catalysts for personal and professional growth. This event is ideal for founders, CEOs, and leaders of startups, as it is crucial for entrepreneurs to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate failures and transform them into triumphs.

About Startup&Angels 

Startup&Angels connects founders, business angels, investors, corporates, mentors, and advisors through events, workshops, an online community (, podcasts (including on Spotify), its weekly member newsletter or social media. 


Aug 03 2023


17:00 - 20:00

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