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Startup&Angels – Scaling for Growth (29/06/23)

Startup&Angels | Startup Pitch & Investors Panel | Sydney Edition #23 | June 2023 | from 5:00 PM

The event endeavours to provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their business models to a live audience as well as give them a chance to expand their business by connecting with game-changers in the startup community. There will also be scale-up success stories and live panel discussions with industry experts and investors which will help founders gain invaluable insight.

The Startup Pitch & Experts Panel is open to all startups and scale-ups in Sydney. You will also be able not only connect founders with investors, and experts but also to hear from different key players and disruptors in the fast-growing industry. This event’s theme revolves around “Scaling for Growth,” offering startup founders a range of tools to accelerate their growth across multiple areas, including finance, technology, and human resources.

Organised by Startup&Angels, this Sydney Edition 23: Startups Pitch & Experts Panel is a unique opportunity for attendees to:  

  • Network with Australian investors, founders, or startup solution providers to optimize your growth 
  • Interact with innovative founders and discover the next generation of movers and shakers
  • Find your next business partner, friend, mentor, or investor

Panel Theme: Scaling Up Your Startup: Strategies for Managing Growth and Avoiding Burnout

Scaling up a startup can be an exciting yet challenging process. As a company grows, it must navigate a series of obstacles such as managing an increased workload, finding new talent, and maintaining the company’s culture. It’s essential for founders and leaders to have strategies in place to manage this growth effectively and avoid burnout.

In this panel discussion, we will explore different strategies for scaling up startups, including how to hire the right people, delegate effectively, and build systems to support growth. We will also discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and preventing burnout among team members.

Our expert panellists will share their experiences and insights on scaling up a startup successfully while keeping the company’s culture intact. Attendees will learn about the challenges of scaling up, how to manage those challenges and the importance of developing effective growth strategies. This panel is perfect for founders, CEOs, and leaders of startups looking to take their businesses to the next level while avoiding burnout.

About Startup&Angels 

Startup&Angels connects founders, business angels, investors, corporates, mentors, and advisors through events, workshops, an online community (, podcasts (including on Spotify), its weekly member newsletter or social media. 


Jun 29 2023


17:00 - 20:00

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