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La French Tech Australia Fintech 2022 event's Wrap up

Sydney- 7/05/2022

The Australian and French Fintech markets have grown rapidly with emerging startups reaching unicorn status.
So it did make sense for La French tech Australia to organise such an event.

In France, startups in the financial technology sector raised AUD 1.3 bn in 2020, up 18,5% from 2019, and AUD 2.4 bn in the first half of 2021. They are about 16% of them in La French Tech NEXT120 (top 120 French tech startups) and 22,5% of the Next40 , which means FinTech is the first sector now, and 4 French unicorns (out of 20) are from the Fintech industry: Alan, Ivalua, Ledger and Shift Technology.

In Australia, between 2015 and 2019, Fintech startups raised more than AUD 3.6 bn. Investment in Australia’s Fintech industry recorded AUD 1.9 bn in 2020, the second highest total on record. Australian startups such as Prospa, Tyro Payments or MoneyMe. Australia hosts the largest FinTech incubator in Asia-Pacific region: Stone & Chalk, and Sydney has become the 13th largest FinTech centre in the world.


These maturing environments create a number of business and expansion opportunities for French and Australian startups on both markets.

Below a 2' wrap up video of the event

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Below the full video of the 1h20' event

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