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Event Wrap-Up: Our Latest French Tech Connect

Sydney (NSW)- 01/12/2023

Sharing our notes from a brilliant and inspiring night with a theme specifically relevant to startup founders and the entrepreneurship ecosystem: Celebrate Success and Embrace Failure. A pleasure to host our latest French Tech Connect event in Sydney, in partnership with Sleek and Tank Stream Labs.

With over 100 attendees and a mix of French and Australian guests, we’re sure everyone enjoyed the night. If you want to relive it or if you missed it, watch the video.

We are grateful for our MC for the night:

and for our three speakers as they shared with us their startup adventures:

Two very special guests joined us for the evening as well:

  • Leo Denes, French Tech Australia’s founding board member

and we welcome an esteemed representative from Business France:

  • Fernando Guerra Alves, explaining to the audience the strengthening Franco-Australian initiatives for technology and entrepreneurship.

Different views, alternative paths, outstanding takeaways:
Listening to our three speakers as they reminisced about their journey so far was as refreshing as insightful. 


A common thread among a broad range of topics

Although our speakers touched on a multitude of issues, we found commonalities despite their individual experiences:

  • the willingness to innovate or solve a problem
  • the vision to get it done
  • similar challenges encountered while building their business or team

So we did hear stories about the good, bad and ugly of working, living and breathing in the Startup world…

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Thank you to the French Tech Connect Team in Sydney (Lorraine NicolasJacques LépronHelene BaronJerome PrisoRenald Gallis) and special thanks to Quentin Dequiret for co-ordinating this great event, to Jean-Philippe Gilbert for the photos & video, the team at Startups & Angels and to everyone attending this event or supporting from close or afar.

We can’t wait to see you all at the next #FrenchTechConnect

Some of the photos from the event

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