La French Tech Australia

La French Tech Australia Board Announcement

Acknowledgement of Nomination

The Board of La French Tech Australia is pleased to announce the nomination of Ms Hélène Baron and Mr François de Meneval as the new Co-Presidents of La French Tech Australia, effective October 2022.
This nomination comes as part of the extended efforts of the French Tech Australia Board to continue fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the French-Australian tech ecosystem.

Hélène Baron

François de Meneval

Hélène Baron and François de Meneval will be taking over the roles from Marion Vigot and Nathalie Taquet, who have served with dedication for the past two years. They dedicated their energy to raising awareness about our organisation and our activities, following our establishment by our founder Leo Denes in 2016. Leo remains an advisor and sits on the board, while Marion and Nathalie will be focusing on scaling their respective businesses and will remain involved in our activities in South Australia, where they are both based.

Under Marion and Nathalie’s leadership, La French Tech Australia has achieved significant milestones, strengthened the community, and created numerous opportunities for startups and tech entrepreneurs. We extend our heartfelt gratitude tom both Marion and Nathalie for their service and commitment.
Their vision and efforts have been instrumental in shaping the success and reputation of La French Tech Australia. As we move forward, we are confident that Hélène Baron and François de Meneval will continue to build on this strong foundation.
The team will continue to be supported by Lorraine Nicolas as national project manager (and lead for the Sydney team) and Prune Bokobza will also join as institutional liaison.

Helene and Francois’ diverse experiences, innovative mindsets, and leadership qualities will be invaluable in guiding La French Tech Australia towards new horizons, with our operations powered by Lorraine and Prune assisted by a wider team across Australia.

Please join us in welcoming Hélène Baron and François de Meneval as the new Co-Presidents of La French Tech Australia (FTAU).
We look forward to welcoming them with their new duties, and we’re excited for the future ahead.