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Vloggi is a video submission management platform that enables businesses to collect, catalog and combine user-generated video at massive scale.
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Vloggi combines crowdsourced video tools with rules-based automated production to reduce video editing time by 1000x and cost by 100.
Vloggi automates user-generated video production by combining two tools: a custom video uploader and a content management platform. These tools allow businesses to source existing videos (taken on mobiles by consumers or stakeholders) to use in their video campaigns. The platform also ensures all content is licensed for re-use, eliminating the pain point of chasing IP rights.

Vloggi replaces traditional video production with a pipeline of authentic footage that can be remixed into new content. Vloggi’s system can be integrated with existing customer databases and workflows to produce personalised, automated video…at a massive scale.

  • Vloggi gives organisations vast video libraries
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