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Who We Are

La French Tech Australia is the story of hundreds of entrepreneurs who needed a community to support each other in Australia. It all started in France in 2014 where French Tech became an accreditation awarded to French cities recognized for their startup ecosystem.


Today La French Tech (or FT for close friends 😉 ) is an accreditation awarded to innovative French communities throughout the world. And we are about to be one of them! (We can’t wait!) 


Once awarded the official FT Label, all of us will be able to use this stamp of entrepreneurship excellence. We will be able to apply for funding to develop our community. We will get access to new opportunities to increase support and growth for our amazing and passionate ecosystem.

La French Tech Australia Coordinators 2020

Nathalie and Marion met in Adelaide 1.5 year ago as part of our Entrepreneur visa, the SISA program (supporting innovation in SA). They quickly got involved in the startup world in South Australia with their respective projects:


  • Marion works with SA farmers and uses the byproduct of the grain production to replace plastic drinking straws. Mister RYE is Australia’s first drinking straw, 100% grown in SA 
  • Nathalie works with Australian wineries to propose solutions against fake wines. eBottli guarantee the wine provenance from the harvest to consumer.


Both being French female entrepreneurs with a passion for entrepreneurship, the idea of creating a community helping each other has always been at the back of their head. When the pandemic happened, they realised there was nowhere to know who – and where – startups and french entrepreneurs in Australia were. That’s when they decided to revive La French Tech Australia, in April 2020, an existing community launched 4 years ago by committee led by Leo Denes (founder of Australiance.com and StartupAndAngels.com).


Together with a dynamic online community of more than 1200 members, the objective is to apply for the FT label in 2021, and join the 48 FT communities based in 100 cities all around the world. What are you waiting for?  Join us! 😉

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